I’m Dreadfully Sorry for the Interruption

My week was so busy to even post anything but the good news is I’m on Twitter. My username is @Twillight5420 so you can just follow moi (Another way for saying me in French!) Anyways, my sister’s birthday was on the 23rd of October and she’s 9 and I’m 10! You can follow her at @ashleychelsea23 on Twitter. I also have an art blog. It’s called ‘In My Art Shed’ and the url is inmyartshed.wordpress.com. I gotta dash ‘cos I have homework to complete, my Coursera courses to finish, learn new stuff on Khan Academy, post on Twitter, sleep early (do I have to?) and update my blogs (In The Art Shed, remember?).

So I’m free!



(That rhymes, doesn’t it? :D)


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