A Friend

This is a poem I wrote by myself, It’s called A Friend.

A Friend

Verse 1

The tree in a wind

Is more like a scarecrow

It waves it’s arms

And shakes it’s head

Trying to say

Beware! Beware!

Verse 2

With an evil grin

And a wicked smile

It looks at you

From a mile

And shakes and shakes

 Trying to say

Move back! I’m near!

Verse 3

But when the wind’s gone down

And the sun shines now

With a friendly smile

And a happy grin

It shakes and shakes

Trying to say

Hello! Let’s play!

Liked it? I’m writing another poem about Africa. And it’s called Africa!


2 Replies to “A Friend”

  1. Excellente, you are excellently creative. Keep it up. I miss you all and thank God all is well over there.


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