Famous Birthdays and This Day in History

Here’s a quote for the day:

“Everyday is someone’s birthday.” – Excel Ojemen.

And that is really true. Even February 29 is someone’s birthday. And I found a website that can show you the celebrities that you share your birthday with.

Check it out:


and for some people, you get back home and someone asks you how your day has been and you say “It was the worst day of my life!”. Save that sentence for later. That particular day was the best day of someone’s life… because of something very special or maybe it was the day the World War 1 began.

Here’s another quote:

“Everyday is a special day.” – Excel Ojemen.

To check it out, go to this website:


And whatever you do, don’t let it define your life. (P.S If you want to check out my birthday, the date is July 24.)


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