My Trip to Benin City from Lagos

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My Trip to Benin City from Lagos. 
When we got to Benin Motor Park in Ogba, not much people were in the bus. So we had to wait and wait and wait and wait. We then got a call from my dad that if we left the house early we could have gotten the first bus but we had to wait until the bus was full. 

So my mum and sister said they wanted to go and walk around but I was too hungry and tired to walk around so I was told to stay in the bus and keep our seats. So I stayed in the bus and slept off. I woke up again when my mum and sister came back. About 3 minutes later, we were on our way to Benin City. At last!
We left Lagos at around 11:15 am. The driver took some roads I knew but others that I did not know. When we climbed the Express Way, we were moving fast. I counted 27 speed breakers. Then I slept and slept and slept and slept. 
I later woke up around 1 pm and my neck was hurting me. There was also an old woman in the bus who was also very kind towards us. There was an albino in the bus too. A female albino. She was also nice. Then I slept and slept and slept and slept again. 
I later woke up around 2 pm, but my mum said I should not sleep again. That was very hard. But I later fully woke up and not too long, we stopped at a bus stop where you could buy food, books, fruit e.t.c. More like a refreshment stop. We bought suya and walnuts. Then we went back into the bus.
We then continued our journey and I forgot to add that we all slept. 

We then stopped at Adolor. Just us. Everyone else continued their journey. We then took a tricycle to Aunty Tina’s shop. Her house is directly next to her shop and the tricycle ride was awful. The road was really bumpy and somehow sandy and extremely muddy. We finally got there and we were shown to our rooms.
This was the first day of my/our trip to Benin City. 


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