Lots of Stuff

A lot of things have been going on lately and they are just too much to type down. I’ve got heaps of assignments for just 2 weeks and I also figured out that HomeKit is almost impossible in a part of the world like Nigeria but we can still give it a shot.

I have been inactive for almost the whole day but I just figured that I had to do something so I decided to come post about it here on my blog. I am still praying that the electricity will be restored so Flourish and I can watch Creativity Top 5. YAY!

I am trying hard to smile these days but it is very very hard.

How do you make a robot? Am I the only one asking that question. How do you  connect a website to a database? Believe me, Google isn’t helping.

That is not all but that is where I would have to stop now because my fingers are already paining me from typing too fast.

Bye 😉


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