Ocean Awareness Student Contest 2016

Hello everyone. It is really sad that I kept you all waiting for a new post for over a month. (One month, twelve days; to be precise). However, I had a really exciting find on the internet when I was searching for competitions. This one is environmental friendly. (Finally!)

*dramatic fanfare sounds*

I am pleased to introduce to you: Ocean Awareness Student Contest 2016.

I am in the contest and I urge you to join too and share with whoever you know. It is only for students. When I say students I mean those in middle school and high school. You must also be between JSS 1 – SSS 2.

Closing date: June 13 2016.

For more information visit fromthebowseat.org

Here’s a sneak peek of someone’s entry last year

fromthebowseat pic
This work was done by Jonathan Barrera which won second place in the middle school category last year.
You can find more pictures like this at their student gallery: fromthebowseat.org/gallery-students-2015.php

Thank you for your taking your time to read this.


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