Let’s Get Over This

Yay!!! I finally found an app to download music on iPhone and my exams are coming up this week. Unfortunately. 😦

It is a very painful experience reading over 10 notes for 15 subjects for 3 terms. Very unfortunate. I have done my fair share of reading middle school novels and some of them do not pass their final exams. I hope I do not end up like that.

My most interesting subject is Civics and my least interesting is PHE. I know I am a sporty person but I so much dislike the teacher that the hate transferred to the subject. I am also pretty bad at Yoruba but I still respect it more than PHE.

Fingers crossed for me. Exams are starting this Thursday till next week. I am waiting for this nightmare to end.

Note: The featured image is just to show you how awesome I look in my sportwear.

BTW, my Instagram page was @divalicioustar11 but there were some casualties with it so I opened a new one called @totallydiva27. I’ll keep you informed if I get the account back.


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