My Trip to Abuja

Wow! The day finally came after all the anticipation and excitement of thoughts of being in an airplane for the first time.

The trip started when we (my mum, Flourish and I) boarded the plane to Abuja. That was my first time on a plane, actually it was our first time on a plane, and it was a bit odd because I had only seen a plane from the outside not the inside. About twenty minutes after the plane took off, we were served snacks and when the plane was about to land in Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport  my ear started hurting. I forgot to remind my mum to buy chewing gum.

—————————– 1 hour 40 minutes ago—————————

My mum couldn’t find my ID card and we woke up late. My over-imaginative mind told me that we would miss our flight. We had already dressed up and the only thing left was for my mum to find my ID card. She eventually found my ID card. My Primary One ID card. My dad quickly drove us to the airport so we wouldn’t miss our flight. Luckily, we lived near the airport. Unluckily, there was traffic on the way. I was so sure that we would miss our flight. But… we didn’t because we were able to get there in time and do all the stuff you do at the airport when you want to board a plane.

————————–Back to the present——————————-

When the plane finally landed, my legs felt wobbly and my ears were still hurting me so when we entered Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, we went to get our bags, located the exit side for all arrivals and we saw Errita’s parents.

Note: Errita is a childhood friend who left Lagos for Abuja when we were 5 years old.

I finally figured out that they lived far away from the airport and  when we got to their house I was so excited to see Errita. We stayed in their house and then we also visited my aunts, their family and my grandmother. I saw my grandmother after a long time. We went for a picnic at the famous Jabi Lake with Errita and Ife. Flourish and I also visited Errita’s family friend, Mum Bare. I played Xbox Live at their house and I kept beating John at every soccer game.

We had a fun time in Abuja. Errita, John, Flourish and I played volleyball at the back of their house and most times we took a walk around their estate. We rarely slept early.

On the last day, we visited Wonderland where we on went on a flying swing ride. It exciting and terrifying for my sister Flourish but it was so much fun for me.  I later went on a water slide. At this time, coming  down that thing was scary to me. We finally bade Abuja goodbye on 31st of July 2016, 6:29pm.


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