Nice November

Now a new month has begun

Isn’t it exciting, so much fun

Crispy brown leaves, here and there

Endless smiles, don’t despair

Naughty or nice, I don’t care

Of course we know Santa’s not here

Vicious characters you will meet

Every one of them you must greet

Many months still ahead

Bring along joy and friends

Enjoy this month; Please I beg

Run the race, break a leg!


P.S  I can’t believe it’s already November. Next month is December, then Christmas, then New Year/Next Year. You can’t blame me for already mapping the year out. I’m excited and I just wanna scream HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!! I just did that anyways.

So please, if any of you celebrated Halloween yesterday, let me know the awesome costumes you wore. We don’t celebrate Halloween here in Nigeria so I just drew hearts on my face with a red and blue pen. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any outfit that looked like you know who… Harley Quinn. I wanted to dress up as her.

So, um… bye for now.

Lots of love,



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