Xcode In All Its Awesomeness

Well, you all know me.

You know that I love technology and coding.

Pssh! What am I saying? Of course you know!!!

So, since I got a MacBook Pro, I decided to use it for what I always wanted to use it for.

3 years ago I found out that to create a wonderful app for the Apple App Store, you had to have Xcode and it was only available on the Mac App Store and at the time, I only had an iPad.

So I waited and waited and waited.

And now I got a MacBook and I’m so excited. I didn’t get it today though. I got it like a month ago.

And I downloaded Xcode on Christmas Day. What a wonderful way to enjoy Christmas!

But I hit a blockade. I did not know the Swift programming language.

To cut the story of my life short, I am currently learning it on Udacity and it is a lot fun than HTML.

Honestly. And if you’re interested you can come join me right here.

So that’s it and good bye for now.

Have a good day/night.



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