10 Things You Must Know Before and After Starting a Blog

To be honest, starting a blog is the simplest thing in the world. Precisely, the second simplest thing in the world (right next to eating)

But there are some certain things you must know before starting a blog.

Without further ado, here they are:

1. It’s not all rainbows and perfect sunshine

I lied. Starting a blog is not easy. Because you have to ask yourself why you want to start a blog, then you have to have a target audience, then you have to plan what you content will be, then you have to actually start the blog and finally, you have to market it. By the time you get to step three, you probably would have ordered five pizzas.

2. You gotta understand SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something that every blog/website owner must understand. If you want to master the art of SEO, check it out here.

3. Get social

Don’t hesitate to share your blog/blog post on your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and pretty much everywhere else you can share it on.

4. Be online-active

Every YouTuber knows that if they want their newly-started channel to be known, they have to comment and like on a lot of videos made by other YouTubers. Maybe they can even (nicely) ask other YouTubers to check out their channels.

The same thing applies to bloggers. You have to share your stuff on platforms (refer to #3). Also, if you are commenting/liking/sharing on almost everything (not about your blog, though), people will want to know who this online bug is (no offense). That’s what I do on Twitter.

5. You have to be a little bit popular

I mean that you should be known a certain group of people so that when you do start a blog, it will have a little bit of traffic. (Refer to number 2,3 and 4)

6. Stay focused

Don’t start blogging about what is trending, then change your content when the trend changes. Stay focused on something. Have a belief in something. Be known for something. That way, your readers can know what to expect when they visit your blog.

7. Be prepared

You have to be ready for criticism and compliments. Don’t be too flattered by a ‘well-done’ compliment and don’t be too angry at criticism. Remember that your blog is not for everyone.

8. Rome wasn’t built in a day

It takes some time to fully set up your blog. You might think that you are done designing your blog but even The Minimalists took a lot of time in choosing their font. This also applies to traffic. Don’t expect your blog to the internet-popular in just one hour. It takes some time to build traffic.

9. Look attractive

I’m actually referring to your blog. Make your blog look nice and attractive but not flashy and dazzling. People love cute and quirky designs. Nobody wants anything that will make them blind. So, be easy on the eyes when it comes to design. For example, check out Zoella’s blog. Cute and quirky but easy on the eyes.

10. Be yourself

You have to be you. Don’t try and take up the persona of another blogger. Your readers are smart and will see through your facade.

So that’s it for today. I want to hear from you in the comments below. What tip worked for you the most?

If you have already started a blog but you’re sorta confused about what to do next, check out my previous post here.

I would also love to continue the conversation on Twitter. Chat me up or tweet me!

So I’ll see you tomorrow. ‘Till then bloggers!

Peace out ✌🏽,




  1. Hi Excel,
    I agree with all your tips. I also blog about blogging. I am in my third year. None of this changes. As SEO tips change, your knowledge has to change too.
    Maybe you can check out my blogging tips site.

    Liked by 1 person

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