10 Clothing Tips That Every Girl Should Know

Alert! Alert!! Alert!!!

I know, shocker! Yes. I blog fashion and writing now. Yay!

So, to every girl out there, if you’ve ever been feeling like you don’t dress nice, just follow these steps and you’ll be feeling a lot more self-confident.

Let’s get started.

1. Wear what you love

Don’t try and follow the trend. I wear jeans and bum shorts almost every day. Maybe, miniskirts and knee length skirts too. But, I’m not a fan of skirts. Wear exactly what you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t matter what the trend is. Don’t inconvenience yourself just to look ‘cool’.

2. Necklace to Neckline

Please, please and please, even if you love one necklace, make sure your necklace matches the neckline of your shirt or dress. It looks awful if it doesn’t. Don’t let me even get started on that. Check out Inside Out Style for more deets.

3. Get creative with that Belt

There are a lot of accessories that you might have and never use and most of them would be belts. There are a lot of belt knots that exist that you might never know about. If you want to check out the belt knots, just click here or here.

4. Beeswax ’em!

Perhaps during spring, you might want to make your shoes waterproof. Use beeswax. Most efficient way possible. Unless you have other ideas…

5. DIY Extra Clothes Hangers

You can use can tabs to create double clothes hangers. I know. Total. Genius. Check out Idea Bottle for an explanation.

6. Scarf it up!

There are so many ways to tie up your scarf and give your outfit that glam that it needs. But you only need your favs, so you have a wide selection of them to choose from here.

7. Accessorize in Brights

Okay. I talked about accessories before and I’ll talk about it again. Accessories are the best thing that fashion gave to us girls, so accessorize in brights. Yellow, white, lime, pink and pretty much any bright colour that comes to mind.

8. Embrace your Shape

Wear the clothes that fit your body shape. Hourglass, pear, spoon and all the rest. Don’t try to wear all sorts of things that make you have the ‘perfect’ shape. TBH, no shape is perfect. Duh.

9. Open your Mind to the Possibilities

Pick at least one “it’s cute but so not me” thing into your closet. You have no idea when you’ll need it.

10. Wearing White? Seek the Light

When you want to wear white, it will look see-through in daylight. Check yourself in bright light, just to be safe.

So, that’s it for today fashionistas! See you tomorrow or on Twitter. Au revoir!




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