15 Nail Designs Ideas for Spring 2017

We all know that Pinterest is the best place for inspiration, right? Yes. It’s a fact.

So today, I scoured Pinterest (and Google Search) for the best nail designs. And I’m not really a fan of painting my nails but I thought – “I never know who this post might inspire.” –  So I posted it instead.

Now, before I display the fabulous nail ideas that I stumbled across, I just want to remind you to like this post and share it with friends or people that you think this will help.

Here they are:


15. The Dotted Design

This is the one that gets you nostalgic. The one that is bright and fabulous, cute and quirky. This design

This design is bright and perfect for spring. It will go well with a short dress designed especially for spring.

To do this design, apply the base colour of your choice, let it dry and then dot it with toothpicks covered in different colours.


14. The Rainbow Designcute-nail-art-designs-28

This one is simply pretty. No arguments.

You don’t have to really bother yourself with this one

It’s simple to do this one. Apply the base colour, then add dots in rainbow colours or make waves in rainbow colours.


13. Hearts and Stripescute-nail-art-designs-2

Ooh! This one is just awesome. Works on denim and all things bright. Mostly blue, black and white, though.

This is quite simple. Coat your nail with white nail polish, let it dry and then stripe blue across it or just paint hearts on it.


12.White Nails with Blue Flowerswhite-nails-with-blue-flowers

Oh God! Now I’m just fangirling.

This design is cute and cool. So simple to do but you need to be good at painting.

Coat the nails with white or blue, let it dry and then design it with the flowers. You can just design the flowers anyhow you like.


11. Floral Nailslovely-spring-floral-nails

We need to take a minute to appreciate the creativity that was put into painting these.

You can already do this by studying the picture closely.



opi-infinite-shine-summer-2015-collection-review-swatches-to-be-continued10. Plain Blue

We have to remember what makes the flowers grow every spring. It’s water. And the colour blue represents water well. So, why not paint your nails in that colour?


daisy-nails9. Daisy Nails

These nails are just the cutest and simplest to do.

Paint the nails baby pink and then just dot it design it white.



 8. Pink and Blue Design

This one is so simple yet so chic. It’s quite simple to do.

Base colour = Blue or Pink

Second colour: Pink or Blue

Optional = A line of Gold or Platinum


7. Black and White Designblack-and-white-nail-art-design

This one is artistic and pretty. Perfect if you are wearing a black and white dress or outfit.


flower-nail-art-design6. Flowerz

The flower design is quite common when it comes to nail designs for spring but nonetheless, it will be the best.

This one shows flowers (obviously!) and is not that simple to do.

Advice: Pay a visit to someone who is an expert at designing nails.


glittering-nail-art-design5. Glitter and Flowers

This one can be tweaked to satisfaction and is definitely for the lovers of pink. Duh!

Glitter and Non-glitter meet here to create something artistic and beautiful as this.


pink-plaid-nail-art-design4. Pink Plaid

For the prim and proper ones, this one is for you. It is so trendy and unique.



3. Straight Liner

This is also simple so you should have no problem doing this. It’s so pretty yet plain. So cute. Not time taking at all so you can do this in 10 minutes or less.

pink-nail-art-design2. Odd One Out

Just paint your nails plain pink and then you design the other one. You will need help from an expert in designing nails for this one.


1. Pastel Nail Artpastel-nail-art-design

Save the quirkiest for the last.

This is by far the cutest, neatest, most beautiful of all the glamorous designs displayed here (in my opinion)

Why go glam and shiny when you can go quirky and simple. I don’t need to tell you how to do this one. You can see it for yourself.


So that’s it for today.

What is your favourite nail design?

Which design do you usually do during spring?

Let me know in the comments below.

Peace out ✌🏽,



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