Three Pink Lipsticks That You Need This Spring

I’m obsessed with lipstick and lipgloss and pretty much everything about makeup. I also prefer summer to spring but every season has its makeup buddies and spring is just the second best season ever and that makes its makeup buddy very essential.

Today, it’s lipstick.

So, these are the ones I die for:


NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick “Fig” – I just adore this one. This lipstick has a rich and silky formula that manages to maintain its moisture (alliteration awesomeness!) without drying out. (WTF?!) It’s a gorgeous shade of hot pink that looks fantastic in the springtime. I enjoy pairing it with floral, or other eye-catching patterns. (Great news! It’s only $4 a tube!)

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick “Pink Blush” – This next lipstick is something that has been in my collection for years. Rimmel London is one of my absolute favourite drugstore brands because the prices are so reasonable. I can usually count on Rimmel to have the product that I need for significantly less than most other drugstore brands. This lipstick in the shade “Blush Pink” is a beautiful yet subtle bubble gum pink. The formula is semi-sheer, so I often apply a couple of coats, but I adore the appearance of it. If you are searching for an inexpensive, everyday spring lipstick, this is your best option.

Mac Cremesheen “Fanfare” – Rounding out my favourite spring lipsticks is Mac’s “Fanfare.”Mac lipsticks are known for their consistency and long-lasting formulas, and “Fanfare” is no exception. This lipstick lasts longer than any other. It is incredibly moisturising and the colour is the ideal balance between bold and casual. It is a very versatile shade that works with virtually any look.

What are your favourite spring lipsticks? 

Peace out✌🏽,


Source: Currently, Lately


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