3 Must-Haves This Spring

Now the spring is here to stay, what are you gonna wear today?

There are different clothing items, fashion lines and accessories that are designed for spring but which ones are here to stay?

 1. Patterned short


A patterned short is my first must-have. They’re fun and flirty for any occasion, matching perfectly with a chambray button down or simple tee. Brunch, anyone?

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2. Floral Shift Dress


Next up on my must-haves is a floral shift dress. Between all your spring events, weddings and baby showers, lunches and dates, you’ll need a versatile and classic piece.

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3. Statement Accessories


And No. 3 on my list, statement accessories. I love the look of this tied bandana paired with chunky bangles and chic shades. They definitely add pizzaz to your outfit and will put you on the fashion map ;-).

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Just remember, spring is for exploring new patterns, colours, looks, etc.! Switch up your style with something bold and daring. It’s the best way to own the season.

What styles are you going to come up with this spring?

Which outfit was your favourite?

Peace out✌🏽,



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