6 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Fashion Blogger

Well, hello there. I hope you saw the new quote for today. Yep. It’s awesome. I know.

Today I’m gonna tell you [it’s all in the title.] Yes. I know it’s a little bit off but I decided to also start giving tips on lifestyle because I was convinced that it was the right thing to do.

So… let’s jump right into it.

1. Ask yourself: “What makes my blog different from the others?”

If you’re a novice/beginner blogger, you would start with asking yourself the question why. What’s your point of differentiation? There’s a great rule of thumb: No one needs another _______. Come up with a really compelling reason as to why you’re doing something.

“For new bloggers, it’s important to be different and stand out, rather than following what everybody else is doing or what is trendy that moment,” Aimee Song echoes.

True story tho…

2. Know your audience and their means of interaction

Who is your audience? What do they want from you? Do they want you do post a collection? Do they want you to open a YouTube channel? What kind of people exactly make up your audience?

3. Instagram is your partner/BFF/childhood friend

I’m actually serious. What kind of fashion blog has no Instagram page? WTF?! Blogs are dying out and Instagram is taking their place. Once you start a fashion blog, start an Instagram page too. It builds your brand.

4. Know yourself well

You have to know yourself in order to build your brand. If you’re someone who isn’t a huge fan of revealing clothes but you blog about revealing clothes, you may or may not get views and followers but you wouldn’t be comfortable blogging about it. Blog about what you like. What’s right for you isn’t necessarily what someone else is doing.

5. The most successful bloggers are those with true personality.

Yep. Like number 4, don’t try to be what everyone says you should be. Be you. Trust me, you’ll be at peace.

6. Finally, ask yourself “What does my ideal team look like?”

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your blog. You gotta have a team so you can see fashion from different opinions and views.


And that’s it for today. I hope you loved this post. Please, don’t forget to share and like this post. Even better, follow this blog so you can get updates whenever I post. Thanks!




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